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Abafazi/ South Africa

Abafazi combines traditional South African design elements and natural raw materials such as mohair and ostrich feathers to reflect international design trends.

Aboubakar Fofana/ Mali

Inspired to preserve his cultural heritage and the health of the planet, he creates sublime, limited edition designs on organic fabrics for interior décor and fashion.

Absolute Furnishings/ Ghana

Absolute Furnishing expertly crafts wood, wrought iron, rat tan and cane into a wide array of modern furniture.

Africa Silks/ South Africa

Silk and angora throws, mulberry silk cushions and other uniquely textured silk treasures are produced by Africa Silks at its own silk farm in Graskop.

African Sketchbook/ South Africa

At African Sketchbook Fine Art Fabrics we merge fabric with art - for curtains, upholstery, bed and table linens.

Aissa Dione Tissus/ Senegal

Award-winning designer and national treasure Aissa Dione is a textile artist who applies her talents as a painter and plastics technician to ancestral Mandjaque weaving.

Atmek and Eco Yarns/ Ghana

Formed by the merger of master kente weavers with the sole supplier of tencel yarns to Ghana, Atmek and Eco Yarns creates vibrant upholstery-grade textile designs from a combination of silk, tencel and cotton.

Centre Christine Dramou/ Mali

Originality, creativity and boldly rendered Mali designs are incorporated in all the tablecloths, curtains, bed linens and slip covers they make.

Cooperative Djiguiyaso/ Mali

Coopérative Djiguiyaso was set up by volunteer women with business know-how as well as expertise in crochet, embroidery and sewing.

Diallo Design/ Mali

Cheick’s designs create a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern sensuality. His creations inspire a new global perspective of Africa and African design.

Diana Carmichael/ South Africa

Diana Carmichael celebrates the elusive spirit of Africa in her contemporary range of tableware and accessories.

Gone Rural/ Swaziland

Gone Rural embraces the vitality and artistic spirit of women living in rural Swaziland to create innovative, high-end décor products for discerning clients.

Imiso Ceramics/ South Africa

In a dynamic atelier at the foot of the renowned Table Mountain, award-winning designer Andile Dyalvane and his team create Imiso ceramic art.

Kpando Pottery/ Ghana

The business grew out of the Aid to Artisans Ghana project and now exports its innovative designs to Europe and North America.

Kubu/ Zambia

Kubu is inspired by a desire to celebrate Africa’s natural beauty, showcase its cultural heritage and delight clients with unsurpassed reliability and product quality.

Le Ndomo/ Mali

Le Ndomo is a workshop that specializes in natural fabric staining and dyeing techniques.

MAM Production/ Senegal

MAM, specializes in producing luxurious hand embroidered household linens for bed and table.

Menby Design/ Ethiopia

Menby is Menbere Alemayehu, a graduate of the University of Delaware and the founder of Menby, Luxurious Ethiopian Fabric.

Muya Ethiopia/ Ethiopia

Using textiles and ceramics as the voice of expression, Muya Ethiopia shares the beauty, vitality and artistry of Ethiopia with the world.

Ronél Jordaan/ South Africa

Ronél Jordaan is inspired by nature. Her designs eloquently and playfully infuse contemporary interiors with the beauty, simplicity and serenity of the outdoors.

Sabahar/ Ethiopia

Sabahar was launched in 2002, around the time that eri silk coccons were introduced into rural Ethiopia.

sammy/ Ethiopia

Inspired by the imaginative designs of Sammy Abdella, Negist bridges the opulence of Ethiopia’s cultural artistry with today’s demand for style and comfort.

Sango Ceramics/ South Africa

Sango pieces are instantly recognizable regardless of the time period they evoke.

Shuttleworth Weaving/ South Africa

A family business spanning two generations, Shuttleworth Weaving specializes in spinning locally sourced mohair into exquisite and rare handwoven, hand-dyed carpets and throws.

Tekura/ Ghana

Tekura offers stylish, contemporary interpretations of legendary Ashanti and Fanti cultural artistry.

Trio Craft/ Ethiopia

Trio produces a line of handwoven, handknit and crocheted products using organically grown cotton.

zenzulu/ South Africa

Fusing time, traditions, techniques and technologies, Fick-Jordaan created zenzulu and the contemporary design aesthetic renowned as woven telephone wire art and décor.